Croatia has a long and proud history of wine-making, with systematic cultivation of grapes and wine-making dating back to the ancient Greek settlers from way back in 500 BC.

During the period of the Roman empire, wine production in Croatia became more organised. It grew in scale and was exported to other parts of the empire. Various artefacts from that time show the importance of wine in that period.

During the Middle Ages, wine production continued to grow. There was even an official position in royal courts for a “royal wine procurer” whose responsibilities were mainly related to the production and procurement of wines.

In the 15th century, during the time of the Ottoman empire, wine production fell dramatically due ot Islamic laws. However, churches were allowed to produce wine for religous use, and this saved many traditional wines from extinction.

In the 18th century, Croatia came under the Hasburg empire and wine production flourished again. During the communist regime in the erstwhile Yugoslavia, private ownership of vineyards was discouraged, and production moved to large cooperatives where the focus was on quantitiy rather than quality.

In the last two decades, there has been a move towards independent quality wines. Many traditional grape varieties which are perfectly suited to the local geography still survive in Croatia. There are more than 41,000 independent wine makers in Croatia today! Most of these winemakers are small, family run firms, and many of them have been running for several generations.


In keeping with this trend, we are delighted to serve these hand-picked, unique Croatian wines on our sunset cruises. For our younger guests and for guests who do not wish to drink alcohol, we offer pure natural water from a local spring that is loaded on board fresh every day.

Pjenušac Grasecco

Natural sparkling wine made in Croatia from the Graševina grape by a tank fermentation method known as the Charmat method. It has a mild greenish color and its fruity aroma of green apples and citrus combined with ice freshness is excellent with white meat, shells, cold starters and as an apperitif.

Feravino Rosé

This outstanding wine combines the fruitiness and freshness of white wines with the strength of the black. It is an elegant and fresh wine with the scent of strawberries and a gentle pink salmon color. 2017 was an extremely dynamic wine-growing year, which resulted in an extraordinary grape quality.

Pjenušac Franceska Rosé

Natural sparkling wine made in Croatia from the Frankovka grape. It is a sparkling wine of rose color and fruity aroma that reminds of strawberries and raspberries with fresh and elegant taste as perfect refreshment during the summer. This wine goes well with fruit, fruit desserts, pasta and white fish.

We hope you will come and enjoy these wonderful Croatian wines with us while watching stunning sunsets over the Adriatic!

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